illustrator & designer & gif artist


Sand & Wind


Services: Book Cover
Year: 2016


Sand and Wind is a popular fan-fiction novel which is written by novelist Jin Chen. The story is based on a famous romantic costume drama— The Return of The Pearl Princess. I was commissioned to design the cover for the novel. My design focuses on depicting a brief background and literal meaning of the story for the readers while reinforcing a profound emotional impression after understanding the moods of the two roles.



The name of the novel - “Sand and Wind” - symbolizes the sincere love between the separated lovers - Mondain (male- represented by wind) and Han Xiang (female – represented by sand). As the author gives the emblems to each role, I visualized the image of wind and combined it with the Chinese characters. Maintaining the font structure illustrates that Mondain neither has the bravery to elope with Han Xiang, nor can he endure the loss of love. While the development of exquisite patterns within the layers of sand are just like Han Xiang’s confession, in which even a thousand words cannot express her love and desire for him. However, if be allowed, morphing into the sand and wandering with him everywhere would be her last wish.