Foggy Forest

A series of gifs about the mysterious creatures in the Foggy Forest.


Museum of Dust

Dust is silently accumulating everywhere, and we normally omit it from our lives. By observing the dust, we can analyze and decode its structure and ingredients, and then rediscover the secrets of different lifestyles. This trailer is made for Imaginary museum project– Museum of Dust, the idea is to represent where the dust comes from.



Explore the color palette, composition and simple movements. 



Single Radishes (Ladies)

A gif that matches nearly every kind of song. Even for the death metal !! 


Cooper Hewitt Online collection

The animation that I made for Cooper Hewitt's cigar label collection.  #CooperHewittxMICA 


The Sweet move

These pieces are inspired by my stomachache experience which were caused by drinking too much soda.


The Loch Ness _.

This gif idea invites everyone to find and create their own version of the truth behind this mysterious legend.


A Drop of green

This short animation is about how a drop of magical green comes to life.


The Only Moment we were together

Mr. X develops a concatenation of romantic crushes on ever-changing women who constantly evaporate. He is completely possessed by the romantic and ephemeral flash. He puts himself on a lonely and tragic journey to pursue his desire.“The Only Moment We Were Together" is an animation with a series of GIF patterns that invites the viewer into Mr. X’s life - to experience his final journey, and to cherish those beautiful, short-lived yet sustaining moments that surround us and make up our lives.


Identity in Crisis